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Be Car Care Aware!

Kelly recently filmed a number of spots for the Weather Network to promote Winter vehicle maintenance. This is part of her role as the Spokesperson for Be Car Care Aware, a national consumer awareness campaign to promote vehicle maintenance. Look for her to be doing more of these segments in the spring and summer. If you want to catch one of these segments they will be airing Weekdays@ 4:57 pm, 10:57 pm and 4:57 am. On Weekends @ 11:57 am, 5:57 pm, 11:57 pm and 5:57 am.



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Canada’s Worst Driver: Airing Now!

In March of this year, I was asked to be an “expert panelist” on a T.V. show called Canada’s Worst Driver. The role of a panelist was to determine who was Canada’s Worst Driver. A pretty scary job! The people on the show were from across Canada and they had to be nominated by someone they knew. If they were picked for the show, the “driver” and the “nominator” had to come to Picton Ontario for the filming. They gave up their keys when they arrived and didn’t get them back until they were deemed to have improved enough to leave the show. Remember the goal was to find the worst driver.

There were four panelists; Jim Kenzie from the Toronto Star, Scot Marshall from Young Drivers of Canada and Uzma Rehman a psychology professor from Queen’s University.

The show is currently airing on Discovery Channel Monday nights at 10:00. You can also check our their website to find out more



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Kick some Butt? Maybe??????

Recently, there has been a lot of talk that NASCAR may buy CASCAR and call it NASCAR Canada. If and when this happens, racing in Canada is going to get a major boost and I’m ready to go back and kick some butt! I think the timing is right to try and get back into the CASCAR Series and there will be more opportunities with NASCAR possibly getting involved. Check back often as there might be an announcement soon!

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ImageFord GT Supercar: July 2005
550 horsepower and it wasn’t my race car, it was a Ford GT Supercar! As many of you know I am one of seven women who drive the pace cars for the Champcar Series. This past summer I paced both the Toronto Molson Indy and the Montreal Indy in the Ford GT. I was the first person ever to pace a race with this $200,000 Supercar and Toronto was its first race. As a matter of fact, the race ended under caution and my teammate and I took the checkered flag. If you are familiar with this car it is set to become available in 2006 and only 200 are coming to Canada. It is modeled after the GT40 of years ago. A very cool and very fast car to drive.




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